Sonic TALK 690 - Rhodes MK8, SP-1200 and Strymon Starlab

November 4, 2021


Youtube video version:

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SONIC 001 - an 18 Track Compilation Album from contributors available nowSonic 001 Album via Bandcamp. 
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00:00:00   Intros
00:10:04 Presonus Acquired By Fender  
00:24:05 Rhodes MK8  
00:36:25 Strymon Starlab  
00:45:47 Rossum SP-1200 Re-issue  
00:46:41 Alex Ball SP-1200 Demo  
00:54:47 Dave Pick: Alex Ball M-Tron Pack  
01:00:38 Nick Pick: Boss RC-505 MKII  
01:02:14 Matt Pick: Matthew Herbert Documentary  


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Preshow available on Twitch.
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